Flying with Executive Air Transport allows you to:

  • Depart when you want.
  • Avoid long lines, missed connections, lost luggage, uncomfortable seats, cancelled flights, layover times and crowded terminals.
  • Fly to the airport closest to your final destination, not just major airports.
  • Travel when and where you want with the security of doing business on board, all without the cost of aircraft ownership.
  • Take several of your associates with you for the same price it would cost for just yourself.
  • Executive Air Transport can arrange for rental cars and taxis as well as in-flight catering.

Charter is the convenience of not having to depend on the airline schedules.

Charter is saving time and, often, money on your business trips. Charter is having complete control over your travel environment – you can land or leave wherever and whenever you’d like!

Charter is only smarter under certain circumstances. The airlines are very competitive when it comes to carrying a lot of people, for long distances, to a limited number of destinations, and when time is not critical. So, traveling between two very distant, major cities, like Los Angeles and New York, or traveling overseas makes sense on the airlines.

But there are times when Charter makes a lot more sense. For example, when you have several places to go — but very little time; or, if there is more than one person going; or, if your destination is not a major hub; or, when the airline schedules just don’t fit your business schedule.

Before you can compare the costs of airline travel to Charter, consider the time and money you will save on overnight expenses – motels, meals, car rental and wages — and factor in the inconveniences you will face with the scheduled air carriers. Many times it is smarter to Charter.

Yes. For years, aviation has proven to be safer than driving your car. Our pilots must maintain standards set by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and are checked a minimum of every six months. Plus, they are sent to simulator training to maintain a superior level of proficiency. This helps to maintain aviation as one of the safest forms of transportation.

Check around. Every charter operator must have a certificate from the FAA ensuring that the operation meets or exceeds the agency’s standards for aircraft maintenance, management control and keeping track of its crews’ training, flight time, and health. Also, ask for verification of the type and limits of insurance coverage carried by the operator. Executive Air Transport’s certificate number isECJA4630.

The pilot(s) must hold either a Commercial Pilot Certificate or an Airline Transport Pilot Certificate issued by the FAA, just as the major airline pilots do. Every six months he or she undergoes a mandatory proficiency check ride with an FAA inspector or designated examiner, who also verifies the pilot’s knowledge of specified routes and the aircraft being flown — just like the airlines.

There are several advantages:

TIME – You can fly in or leave whenever you would like without having to depend on the airline schedules or the long hours on the road. You can go where you need to, get your business done and come back when you want. This means saving money on food, lodging, and car rental. It could also mean spending more time with your valuable client…or your family.

CONVENIENCE – With charter you have direct access to all of the major airports, plus nearly 3,000 more airports in smaller communities that the airlines don’t reach. With a chartered aircraft you can often land whenever and wherever you want – usually much closer to the area you need to be. You can avoid the large, crowded airline hubs. Often, you can even have a car waiting on the ramp when you land.

SECURITY – As you know, security when flying the airlines is a major hassle. When you fly charter, you will be able to reduce the delay for security, plus have the added benefit of knowing all the people you’re flying with. On top of that, you’ll be able to spend time during the flight in confidential discussions without the worry of someone in another row overhearing your conversation.

The first step to booking a charter is to get a quote by clicking here.

Private aviation travel allows you to fly according to your schedule while meeting your customer and company needs. Safety, privacy, and flexibility are attributes of private travel.

  • Over 50 years of experience
  • Outstanding safety record
  • Charter aircraft — From twin engine to large jet
  • Travel anywhere in the continental United States and Canada
  • 24/7 service
  • Corporate Shuttle

Cessna 414A Chancellor

5 Passengers

Ride in pressurized comfort with piston engine economy!

  • Speed 200 mph
  • Seating for up to 5 passengers
  • Certified for icing conditions
  • 700 miles non-stop
  • Pressurized for comfort
  • Air-conditioning
  • Professional crew