Dipping your Toe into the World of Charters with Empty-Leg Flights

October 17, 2019
October 17, 2019 angelia

Dipping Your Toe Into The World of Charters With Empty-Leg Flights

Not entirely sold on chartering your own private flight?
Consider trying an empty-leg flight.

Maybe you’ve heard the term “empty-leg flight”, ​”dead legs”, “empty sectors”, “one-way transients” – but I’m guessing you’re not exactly sure what these flights are.

An empty-leg flight is ​the return trip of a traditionally booked one-way private charter flight​. ​The jet needs to take flight to reposition itself for its next customer or return to its home-base​. ​Think of it in terms of how an Uber driver would need to return to a “home” location after dropping off a customer at their destination, but might take another customer from a nearby location back towards home.

It’s common that the charter company is unable to find a full-price customer who wants to charter that particular aircraft, for that specific route and time. Since they need to move the aircraft back anyway, the company will typically offer the empty part of the flight at a significant discount, in order to avoid flying the jet back empt​y ​- as we know in the business world, it’s always better to make something ​ rather than nothing.

If you’re considering dipping your toe into the world of charters, it might be best to start with an empty-leg flight. You’ll be able to experience private flight first-hand and weigh the benefits for yourself before making a larger commitment.

Here are 4 benefits of traveling charter via empty-leg flights:

1. Affordable Price

Empty-leg flights can often be found at up to 75% discounted rate of the usual charter price. Additionally, you may be able to use your negotiation skills to work out an even better deal for your team. It is the easiest way to get private jet travel at close-to airline prices.

2. MOST of the benefits of traditional private travel

Empty-leg flights will offer you just about every benefit of a traditional private charter flight. You’ll spend less time in the air. You won’t have to worry about long lines, waits, or deal with crowds. Empty-leg flights offer the same comfort, privacy, and luxury as traditional private travel. And you can’t forget about the ability to work productively with your team in peace and privacy.

3. Easy to book for popular routes.

Routes that are incredibly popular in the private charter crowd will always be easy to find available for empty-leg booking. Think Michigan-to-New York (New Jersey), Florida-to-Michigan, or California-to-Michigan. The more popular the route, the more likely you are to find an empty-leg to hop on.

4. Perfect for leisure travelers

If you are not on a tight schedule, you can enjoy all the efficiency, luxury, and pleasure of a private flight, at a lower cost. Leisure travelers are the perfect candidates for this type of opportunity. Since some degree of flexibility is necessary, hopping on an empty-leg flight is perfect for those who have flexibility in their lives, like leisure travelers and retirees. Remember, having a flexible schedule is key.

So, what’s the risk?

If you’re flying on an empty-leg flight, you need to be flexible. You won’t have a say in the date or time of departure, that will be entirely dependant on the original customer. Unfortunately, that means that if the original customer makes changes to his plans, your plans may be affected, as well. If the original customer cancels the flight, your flight will also be cancelled.

The bottom line is – if you’re planning to travel via empty-leg flight, you’re going to need to have a backup plan.

I’m guessing you’re wondering how you can find out about upcoming available private jet empty-leg flights.

It might be easier than you’d imagine. For a list of our available empty-leg one-way flights, you can visit us at ​https://ea-transport.com/one-way-flights/​. From there, you’ll be able to view our list of available empty-leg flights and inquire about the flight you are interested in. You can also contact us directly at ​231-798-2126​ for more details about routes and discounts.