Flight School

Executive Air Transport’s full-service flight school can take care of all of your flight training needs. From zero experience, to a seasoned pilot in need of flight review or skill refreshment, we are here to help you. We offer training for those seeking a Private Pilot license all the way up to becoming a Certified Flight Instructor. We also have accelerated flight training, High Altitude Endorsements, and High Performance Endorsements.

Our training and rental fleet consists of:

  • Several Piper Warriors (primary for training and rental), all equipped with Garmin GNS430 GPS
  • Piper Arrow, a complex aircraft, equipped with Garmin GNS430 GPS technology
  • Piper Aztec, a multi engine aircraft, high performance, equipped with Garmin GNS430 GPS.
  • Three Cessna 152s and a Cessna 172 equipped with Garmin 530W (Holland airport only)

For the curious, we offer Introductory Flight Lessons, where you will fly the airplane under the guidance of one of our experienced instructors. This is an opportunity to sample what taking flying lessons would be like.

Discovery or Intro flights:

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Muskegon Intro Flight Classes


Minimum flight training requirements

(Private Pilot Certificate):

Dual training (at least) 20 hours
Solo training (at least) 10 hours
Total Training 40 hours

Aircraft & Pricing

Aircraft pricing below includes fuel.

Piper Warrior – $135/hour
Piper Arrow – $175/hour
Piper Aztec – $300/hour

Non IFR certified Cessna 152s – $95/hour
IFR certified Cessna 152s – $100/hour
Cessna 172 – $145/hour 

Aircraft rental

All pilots and students wishing to rent aircraft owned or leased by FLYBY AIR need to submit copies of the following:

  • A valid drivers license or passport
  • Pilots license
  • Current medical certificate (FAA doctor on site, call for appointment)

Each pilot must complete and sign a rental agreement form. A copy of relevant pilot qualifications from a logbook must also be taken and retained in the pilots file.

Private Pilot Ground School

FLYBY AIR offers a 4-week course that will prepare you to take your private pilot written exam. Class dates to announced.

Cost for the Ground School is $385, which includes all materials necessary, including a pilot logbook!

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231-798-2126 or email us at [email protected]

Flight scheduler

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Instructor rates

Primary $48.50/hour
Advanced $59.00/hour
Multi-instruction $69.00/hour
CFI instruction – $69.00/hour


Flight training – $6,500-$11,500 for the Private Pilot Rating, depending on actual flight time and aircraft type.

Private Pilot knowledge test materials – varies depending on the publisher.

* Costs are approximate depending on the type of aircraft used and actual flight times.

How to get started

A discovery flight is where you can explore the field of aviation and get your hands on the controls.

Discovery or Intro flight cost depends on the location. Please call (616) 392-7831 or email [email protected] for more information.


A credit card must be on file and payment is due upon the completion of each lesson.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take me to learn to fly?

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires at least 40 hours of training time (at least 20 with your instructor and at least 10 by yourself) but the national average is more like 50 hours. Your instructor will probably recommend two or three times a week, an hour at a time. Based on this schedule, it is possible to get your license in three to four months.

How much will it cost me?

The cost of learning to fly varies according to your location, but generally runs from $4,500-$5,500.

What are the steps in learning to fly?

Once you begin flying lessons, you work toward your first solo, solo to the practice area, cross country solo, and finally, your flight exam.

What does a first solo consist of?

When your instructor decides you are ready, he/she will ask for your medical/student license, sign the back, and get out of the airplane. Then you’re off. On your first solo, you are usually instructed to make three takeoffs and (obviously) three landings.

When can I solo?

You will probably get to make your first solo flight after 10-15 hours of training. Your instructor will decide when you’re ready.

What is the flight test?

The flight test takes place during an actual flight and involves an oral question and answer session, flight planning and demonstration of flying skills. You are tested by an FAA (or designated) examiner.

When can I take my friends along?

Some instructors may allow you to bring a friend along for a supervised training, but don’t count on it – the instructor is responsible for the safety of everyone on the plane, and generally will avoid having passengers on board. Until you get your license, your friends will probably have to stay on the ground and wave!

What is the best time of the year to learn to fly?

Each season has its advantages – summer provides long days; fall and winter allow improved flight performance due to cool air; spring combines a little of both advantages. So, whenever you get the urge to take flight, it is probably the right time.

When can I fly at night?

Your training will include some night flight, and after you get your license, there will be no night restrictions.

How do I learn to fly in the clouds?

Once you’ve earned your private license, you can begin working on your instrument rating. To be an instrument rated pilot, you must have at least 50 hours of “cross country pilot in command” time. In order to get your instrument rating, you have to pass another written test and another flight test.

What kind of airplane will I learn on?

This will vary among flight schools, but special training aircraft are made by Beechcraft, Cessna, and Piper. FLYBY AIR uses Cessna aircraft.

What are the physical/medical requirements for flying?

Before your first solo, you have to pass a medical exam given by an FAA-approved physician. There are certain conditions that might prevent you from passing the exam, such as high blood pressure or severe vision problems. If you’re in doubt about your physical eligibility, it would be wise to check it out before investing in flight lessons.

How much do exams cost?

Drone exams $150
ALL other exams are $165

Ground School Information

Executive Air Transport offers a 4-week course that will prepare you to take your private pilot written exam. Class dates to be announced.

Ground school cost includes all materials necessary, including a pilot logbook! Call for pricing.

Contact us today to sign up!

(231) 798-2126 or email us at [email protected]